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I’m still a pioneer in marketing and design, but I look forward to learning more and expand my horizons together with you. I’m open to new experiences with startups, products, brands or other writers and design enthusiasts like myself. I’m always happy to receive requests and emails; Below, you can find some suggestions for possible co-operations and some ideas on how you can work with me.

Does it sound interesting?

It would be great if your company/brand/work would be relevant to Europe (especially Denmark, Germany and eastern countries). By writing my blog, I intend to bring people from European countries together by talking about preferences we all have in common. I live in an international community and I’m surrounded by people of different cultures. Sometimes it amazes me how people from completely different places like the same things or have a similar point of views regarding multiple topics.

Even though my blog is predominantly about technology, entertainment, fashion and what’s going on on the internet, I am also interested in writing about international events/clubs/organisations and communities for young people. To be even more precise, the topics I usually write about are graphic design, happenings for young people, social causes, internet trends, startups, the youtube community, superhero fiction, fandoms, comedy series, street fashion, makeup, technology and everything related to the Harry Potter wizarding world.

Graphic Design

One of my passions in life is graphic design and photography. I speak fluently in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I work in the field, and I’m also registered as a freelancer on websites like UpWork and PeoplePerHour where I work for around 10 $ per hour.

pph-4090dd74121bc6d88ec7caa7f2d4ea3b People per hour profile

upWork UpWork profile

Events, clubs, festivals and other activities

Like any young person out there, I love to be part of events and activities that have a good cause and are also fun. 🙂 In exchange, I write an insider tale about the event and my personal experience. If the event seems promising, I will recommend it to my audience.


If you’re a writer yourself and want to share a story or have a amazing idea about how we can work together don’t hesitate to contact me. Likewise, I would be open to being a guest writer for an online blog or magazine as well.


Here are my contacts:


skype2 octavia.sirbu


Thank you for getting in touch.

Have a nice day!