10 reasons why you should start watching The Office ASAP!

As much as sociaty portrays the young adults of today to be some wild party animals, the truth is that most of my peers would prefer a chill  night. Even when we go out (yes, that does happen from time to time) we wind up talking about new series we started watching.

I’m quite excited by the topic of today, because this is a show I’ve been searching for a long time now. Does it ever happen to you, after finishing what at the moment is “the best show ever” to find yourself wondering what are you going to do with your life now? That’s the kind of show I’m talking about. And it’s been a bumby ride, I must say, but I was lucky: after I finished Friends, I discovered How I met your mother, then I was bananas after The Big Bang Theory and now I find myself living every second of The Office.

From the clever writing to the funny and quirky jokes, The Office has proved to be one of the entertaining comedy series out there. Here are 10 reasons why you should definitly put it on your must see list.

  1. Pam and Jim

Couples on TV can easily come across as cheesy and fabricated. This is not the case, Jim and Pam Halpert are one of, if not, the best couples in a TV series so far. What makes them stand out is their authenticity and casual awkwardness. They’re not just a typical boy meets girl. They are those 2 people, that we all know, that are so right for each other, people don’t even get surprised when they finally get together. The only thing they’re lacking is timing.



2. Michael Scott

Steve Carell playing Michael Scott, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin paper company, was one of the best choices ever, when he left, it’s safe to say that it felt like something was missing. The randomness of this character is uncanny, he can literally go from an hyperactive todler to a serious guy making bad dad jokes. I will forever remember his catch line repeated through-out the series, “That’s what she said”, that he branded as his own personal joke. If you read this before you’ve watched the series then it is very possible you’ll find the joke juvenile and dull, but give it time and you’ll understand it’s disguised hilarity.



3. Short episodes

The episodes are short, around 20 minutes which makes them easy and tempting to watch. It all starts by saying: One more episode… and then you end up watching 20, then you look at the clock phone and see it’s 6 AM. I’ve been there, it ain’t pretty the next day.

4. Geek references

As many comadies today, geek references are essantial. But hey, I’m not complaining.

Like this scene
















Or this one


5. The fact that it’s a paper company

Can we talk about the fact that all of this is happening at a paper company in a small town in Pennsylvania?! Which normally, would be one of the most boring work location on earth but the characters of the show always turn that around, especially the company manager, Michael Scott.

6. The pranks (Jim and Dwight bromance)

The pranks are definitly one of my favorite parts of the show, especially the pranks Jim plays on Dwight. As well as Dwight’s response to them, and how seriously he takes everything. And I really mean everything.


Even though, they give each other a hard time, most of times, deep down they secretly do care about one another. Even if they will never admit it.

7. Office environment

I can’t explain why, but the office environment makes it interesting to watch. The creators succeded in making Dunder Mifflin paper company come to life, and have people believe it’s a real company by covering important details and following real life laws and facts.

And let’s not forget the WORLD’S BEST BOSS, the one and only, Michael Scott.


8. Improvising (ad libbing)

It turns out that one of the main ingrediants why The Office is so unconventionally funny is improvising. Basically, the actors, who also happen to be the writers, would perfectly script an iconic scene or simply just wing it. Steve Carell especially would ad lib many of his scenes which makes his character, Michael, so funny and unpredictable.


9. Randomness of characters

The cast is one of the main resons why you should watch the office. Every character is different and funny in their own way. All though, Michael Scott stands out from the crowd from time to time, do not mistake The Office as a one man show.

10. It’s funny

Finally, let’s not forget the main reason to watch the show. But seriously now, I’m not exagerating when I say that you’re going to find yourself laughing hysterical at the screen for all nine seasons. If in the first season you don’t quite get the characters by the end you will fall in love with all their specific quirks.


Maybe some of you are still not convinced about The Office which is understandable, it’s hard to comprass that level of awesomeness in only one post. For what is worth, the Office is one of the best comadies yet proven by good humour, charming characters and spontaneity.





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