Why Rachel Green from Friends has the Best Wardrobe

If you’re a huge fan of the 90s than you surely know some of Rachel Green’s signature outfits through-out the Friends series or more likely from Tumblr. As a huge fan of the series myself I decided to gather Rachel’s best looks and also some must-haves of the 90s.

Althought Rachel went fast from Daddy’s-Girl-to-Waitress-to-Business-Woman-in-Fashion her fashion choices remain, as Chandler would say, “Perfection” in every episode.

1. She rocks any kind of denim clothes (jackets, vest, jeans, overalls, skirts)


2. Same for all her tartan print clothes



3. She’s the most stylish waitress we have ever seen



4. She looks absolutely stunning even if she’s just hanging out with her friends in her living room



5. But she can definitely dress up for a very fancy event



6. Or pull off the office look



7. Or a crazy trend for that matter



8. She can even pull off a cheesy holiday dress



9. But she’s sticking to her sexy/cute girl next door look like with this monochrome two-piece



10. Or this lovely sheer dress



And finally it’s safe to say that Rachel Green’s style is FLAWLESS***!

 photo tumblr_mm0xmx8MkC1s9ynu7o4_500_zpskxcwdepi.gif

Find more of Rachel’s outfits on this Pinterest board.

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