Supergirl and Flash crossover?

It seems like The Flash will be visiting National City next month, and the filming and set selfies already started! Grant Gustin, also known as THE FLASH, has shared the first photos from the set of the Supergirl and Flash crossover episode airing on CBS on March 28.

Maybe this collaboration wasn’t that shocking considering what a success were the Flash x Arrow collaborations. However, some (*cough* present company included) were skeptical about the Flash x Arrow crossover as well, after all, the worlds of the two DC heroes are entirely different. While in Flash the atmosphere seems more warm and serene, Arrow’s universe seems dark and disturbed despite Felicity Smoak‘s adorkable humour.


Arrow and The Flash did join forces. So why would there be a possible partnership between Supergirl and The Flash?

We already saw a sneak peak of Supergirl in the Flash during last week’s episode. Remember when Cisco, Barry and dr. Harrison Wells traveled to Earth two to stop Zoom? if you look very closely during their time travelling, you’ll notice a glimpse of Supergirl flying around National City.


That’s when it hit me, a special Supergirl and Flash crossover episode would be so epic! I mean… they both slay at Hannah Montana game (you know a normal person by day, superhero by night), and they have bubbly personalities and good humour. Barry and Kara would make such a good superhero team and maybe something more.


Not to mention that they look so great together. ♥

Those two emblems look pretty good together… @melissabenoist

A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on

“Jusssst gonna document the whole experience. Not excited at all,” Grant joked as he posted his fourth photo of the day on Instagram alongside Supergirl actress .

After doing some desk research, it seems that their likable personalities aren’t the only thing Flash and Supergirl share. The DC comics based characters share some portion of their creative team, most notably executive producer Greg Berlanti. Even though the two shows air on different networks, CW and CBS had worked out a deal that would allow Gustin Grant‘s character to star on Supergirl.

Do you guys have any ideas about what the plotline would be? At the moment, I can’t find any connection between the two DC worlds.

For what is worth, I’m pretty sure these two will work great together, and I’m looking forward to the new episode in March!

supergirl and flash crossover


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