What sunglasses to wear in SUMMER 2016


The must have items of every summer are sunglasses! Despite using them to protect our eyes from the sun, glasses can often be the final touch in completing our outfits.

After going through all the trendy and affordable shops I could find, I summed this season’s best eyewear into a top 10. I did my best to find glasses for every face shape and also find different designs.

Here are what sunglasses to wear in summer 2016:



1.Cutout cat eye sunglasses

Cut-out sunglasses are everywhere and honestly it’s one of my favorite trends of 2016 primarily the cat-eye ones. This is not something I usually say but… #goals

Cat eye glasses have always been a classic since the 50s, however, now we have a more modern and edgy version called cutout sunglasses. While still keeping an elegance of the original sunglasses, they also offer a more sophisticated design without being too costumey.

You can easily get a pair of cut out sunglasses at H&M.





2. 70’s Diva Sunglasses

Another eyewear trend that’s been popping up in accessory shops everywhere are the 70s inspired sunglasses. This style became fashionable yet again in the mid-2000s, and everyone embraced the trend. Mary-Kate Olsen? Lauren Conrad? Victoria Beckham? Remember them? They were rocking the fashion sections of magazines back in the day!

Get your pair of 70’s sunglasses now from ASOS!




tortoise-sunglasses-20163. Tortoise Cat eye sunglasses

Say goodbye to leopard printed glasses because this summer tortoise prints are all the rage! Combine the print with a flattering frame shape and you’ll look amazing.I went for a cat eye frame because it looks the best on my figure.

The glasses I wear are from GlassesShop.com. I love the fact that they give their customers the possibility of choosing the glasses frames, lenses and measurements. For some of us it’s hard to find flattering glasses and the best option is to order customized ones.

On their website you can find prescription sunglasses in all shapes and sizes! Use the coupon code: GSHOT50 and get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses! 🙂



66631.2.detail4. Over-sized square glasses

The over-size sunglasses are back! Many brands such as Nastygal, Forever21 and ASOS offer all different kinds of square over-sized glasses.

My personal favorites are the metallic ones from Nastygal with a sheer silver-blue lense. They look very feminine and goes well with both casual and posh outfits.






00236209-01 erdswaq5. Decorative Sunglasses 

Or as I would like to call them the Tumblr sunglasses. People wear this eyewear style rather for its artsy design than necessity. The applications on the sunglasses can be pretty much everything you’d want, ergo you can even make your own sunglasses with a DIY tutorial. All you need is a pair of glasses that you like (preferably with a simple design) and then you can glue accessories to it.

Some of us were very reluctant when this trend appeared online, however, after having this type of glasses pop up now and then on my Instagram feed I actually learned to love it.



65285.2.zoom6. Hippie Half-circle Sunglasses

Another huge come-back are the round sunglasses. You can find them in different sizes and colors in many stores.

The sunglasses on the left are a new version of the 60’s eyewear trend. The half circle give them a modern vibe and makes them stand out. All black, they look more elegant and can be worn with different outfits.





gfds7. Silver Aviator Sunglasses (The new aviator look)

The aviator sunglasses have been around for quite some time. However, a new, better and more feminine version of them appeared on the shelves of our favorite shops! Behold: the metallic aviator sunglasses.

There are some uber-cool sunglasses of this sort available at Forever21.





ygfd8. Geometric Sunglasses

Love! Love! Love!

There’s nothing I love more than the luxury of having a lot of option, and that’s exactly what geometric sunglasses offer. There are all shapes and sizes of this trend in every color or pattern. Ergo there’s a pair for every face!

Geometric sunglasses are very much an unconventional way. There is no standard version of it. That’s why there are so many different kinds.



image3xxl (4)9. Hexagonal Metalic Sunglasses

I love it when trends like the 70s or 80s sunglasses are back again. BUT, this is 2016, we can’t wear the same glasses today that people wore back then. That’s why I love the new futuristic version of old-school items.

Here come the hexagonal sunglasses. They look lit with pretty much everything. The downside is that they don’t feet any face shape, for example, if your face is as petite as mine, then they will look gigantic on you.

Otherwise, you should definitely purchase a pair and slay summer 2016.



image3xxl (5)10. Mirrored Sunglasses

Speaking of futuristic trends, these lenses are something to remember 2016 summer by.

Mirrored sunglasses look classy yet modern. It’s definitely a way to stand out of the crowd. However, don’t overdo the rest of your outfit otherwise, it will look tacky.

Get your pair of mirrored sunglasses at Monki.




Which sunglasses are your favorite this summer?

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