Hello September!

They say that every ending is the start of a new begining. My Highschool years were good to me but now I’m thrilled to start something new. Therefor this September is very special to me. Everytime this time of year I used to go to school and catch up with all my collegues I didn’t get to see during summer. And now after moving to a complete diffrent county I’ll probably never see them for far more then 3 months of summer. So as you can see this year will be quite unforeseeable.

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So considering I can’t expect the unexpected… I don’t know if that made any sense to you. I made a short lists (mainly because I love making lists) of what I would love this autumn to be like. 🙂

1. Getting used to a new way of learning and gaining new skills everyday while also having fun.
2. Making new friends and meeting new people all the time.

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3. Wearing a lot of cozy sweaters.

4. Actually having brakfast before going to school and eating healthier food.


5. Learning how to make animations. 🙂

6. Not having this problem anymore:


7. Drinking a lot of hot chocolate.
8. Go to an amazing Halloween Party this year and carve pumpkins.

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9. Read more books. 😀
10. Have a Harry Potter marathon.
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  1. Aivars says: Reply

    Looks that you have lot of things on your mind, or perhaps I should say – list! 😉

  2. You’re website loads great even from my iPad. Thanks for the helpful info.

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