Hair Trends for Autumn

Lately, as I was trying to kill time, because I didn’t get to fill my schedule yet, I noticed so many different hairstyles this season all over the internet. So I decided to dedicate an article that would cover all the different hairstyles celebs have been sporting world wide. Frankly, I don’t ever remember a time when constantly changing your hair would actually be a trend. This year was interesting regarding hair trends so I cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring on.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that ombré hair is oficially over thank God. It already got annoying to see everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. So now moving on to the next big thing. A new hairstyle emerged from ombré by the name of sombré hair. Just as the name suggests it’s  ombré hair, but softer or more subtle. So many celebs like J.Lo or Jessica Alba ditched  ombré (we knew this day would come) for a subtle graduation from the roots to ends, a change that might seem so small yet makes such a big difference.



Another big trend that survived from the previous years would be Rainbow hair or simply dying or as people say now coloring your hair an insanly bold colour. Maybe you’re not brave enough to pull out a out-standing green like Katy Perry ora strong red like Lily Allen. But you can be playfull with your hair and just use a spray or a shampoo that wears off eventually, I’ve also seen some kind of new coloring sticks for hair you could try out, so there are many ways of pulling off thins trend without damaging your hair.



A new trend, acutally a comeback that I personally love is the bob haircut. It’s good to see that short hair is popular again everything from bob to pixie. It’s practical, feminine and hot, there is a bob or a pixie haircut for every face shape and your hair is easier to style. Recent celebs who chopped off their hair would be Jourdan Dunn who went for an angle bob. She also went for some subtle highlights and all together it looks stunning on her. Emma Stone also rocked a new hairstyle lately on the red carpet, a shorter bob with bangs and she kept her characteristic hair color.




Speaking of comebacks, bangs are a thing again. I noticed lately that many celebs went for bangs and a more natural look. So you can forget about your curling iron for a while and just go au naturel.




And last but not least a really hot hairstyle is to sleek your hair. A rather fancy look but you can try this trend at a gala event with a stunning long dress. Celebs like Iggy Azalea  and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked flawless sporting sleek hair on the red carpet.


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