Five Lipstick choices for autumn

Lipstick will never grow old and this seasons offers a variaty of options. From Lorde‘s iconic purple lipstick to Rihanna‘s nude lips at the VMAs, here are 5 modern classics to add to your make-up bag.

1. Bright colourful lips are still going strong. So if you want to grab attention to your lips you can borrow Kate Bosworth‘s look. Go for an au naturel make-up and  add a tagerine coloured lipstick to mix things up.



2. Purple lipstick has been really big since last year and I think we can all agree it looks jaw-dropping on Lorde.

-No more words needed here.-


3. You could also go for a classic nude lip like Rihanna this year at the MTV Movie Awards. Although nude lips could be really tough to do they’re worth it and they’re always going to look chic on you. Click here for a guide by Elle US on how to get the perfect nude lip for every skin tone.


4. Jessica Alba has never been one to ever get anything wrong in terms of make-up& beauty so we trust her this time too. Recently, the actress has been spotted sporting a brown-ish lipstick and it look gorgeous on her. We’d like to have the number of her make-up artist. 🙂


5. We couldn’t miss out on red lipstick, of course, because it’s ageless. Here’s a photo of Rita Ora (known for her love of red lipstick and other bold colours in general) rocking a red lip on the red carpet at tha VMAs.


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