Factory of Imagination 2016 Highlights


Even though exams are just around the corner, I finally managed to write about the Factory of Imagination event that took place on 28th of April 2016. Last year I was a volunteer, and I helped mostly with creating media materials. But this time around due to my packed schedule and going back and forth to Copenhagen for my internship I was just an attendee. Volunteering for Factory of Imagination was one of the most memorable experiences in Denmark, so the expectations for this year were high.

I was beyond excited even before the event day because of the amazing speakers (who I stalked before the event) they promoted on social media and also the event’s theme which was mad scientist. With a theme like that, you already know some serious bleep is about to go down! Not to mention the cool art and deco which was so surreal and it got people thinking that they’re in Dexter’s laboratory.


The event had four sessions, each with a different subject to discuss. As showed in the program here. But let’s get to the most intriguing part: the speakers! I’m going to make a breakdown of my favorite speakers this year at Factory of Imagination. All thought they were all amazing, this post will turn into a novel if I talk about all of them, plus the title of this article “Factory of Imagination highlights” will lose its meaning.

1. Is being creative easy?

The mystery guest of the event got the entire audience question everything regarding the use of storytelling. When I say storytelling some might think of something infantile that’s aimed at children. Wrong! Used in the right way storytelling can be an efficient way of sharing knowledge and content. Paul HughesTen Meters of Thinking is based on just that, visualizing a story on paper and turning everything complex into something clear and easy to understand. I could keep on writing on and on about this topic, but the again who would be able to explain to you this concept better than Paul himself?

Click on the video below where Paul explains how the Ten Meters of Thinking work and also check out his website, there are some pretty rad things in there!

2. I think I understand science now. BAZINGA!

Now I will talk with you about basic science theories and equations, how a large Hadron Collider works and why the dark matter hypothesis plays a central role in the current modeling of cosmic structure formation.

funny minions gif despicable me

Or not. But I can try to explain most of the things she said about how the universe works.

The Office gif Stanley

Really? I’m not that clueless, I understood some stuff that she was talking about.

Big Bang Theory gif Sheldon

Ok, I’ll admit it I did a lot of googling after her speech.

Jokes aside, the next speaker that stirred people’s curiosity and interest was Claire Lee, particle physics expert at CERN in Switzerland. She is part of CERN’s ATLAS experiment whereby use of a giant Hadron Collider they investigate a broad range of physics, like the search for extra dimensions and particles that could make up dark matter. In other words, they are trying to collect more knowledge about the universe and how does it work. How cool is her job, right?

Even though I’m not an expert in science and technology, I enjoy learning more about the mysteries of the world, how far can technology go and eventually proof that aliens exist find out if aliens actually exist. At least I got one thing for sure out of the whole speech:

 ds^2 = a(t)^2 \, ds_3^2 - c^2 \, dt^2

And this ladies and gents is the equation of the universe, it can even fit on a cup!

3. This guy is the genius animator who created Dobby the elf in Harry Potter! Need I say more?

I can feel my excitement growing just by writing this. One of the highlights of the event was OSCAR-winning effects director, Mike McGee. He’s been working in the film industry for over 25 years making visual effects for huge blockbuster movies such as The Martian, Gravity, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mike’s skills as a live-action director are a result of an exceptional understanding of visual effects. He is the genius effects animator behind Dobby the elf and the Hagrid’s beloved Hippogriff from Harry Potter.


However, one topic that caught my attention in particular was recreating people’s faces on film by using computer graphics.  Mike showed us through a series of slides and video how his company Framestore resurrected Audrey Hepburn for a chocolate ad.

I remember stumbling upon this ad of some point and as many I just thought it was made from old footage from back in the day mixed with 21st-century film effects. I couldn’t be more wrong. All the scenes were created from scratch by Framestore. They used two actresses who assembled Audrey’s face features and today’s computer graphics to shape the film legend’s face. Mike said that requests like this are just an average day of work for them, and contemporary actors at Hollywood are scanning their bodies for further use.

4. Keep en Vogue in terms of IT.

A mixture of tech, style, and humor with a tint of sassiness, Georgie Barrat gave a lot of helpful insight into how to make it in the social media world and build your brand from scratch. The tech writer and presenter is a regular writer for Marie Claire, ASOS, and the Huffington post. Despite her stylish appearance and her past collaboration with fashion magazines, Georgie’s strongest passion is within the tech industry.

During her speech, she tackled different ideas related to social media, technology, branding, media and content marketing. While there were a few people in the crowd that weren’t so psyched, the rest of us who are fascinated by all the subject mentioned above were all eyes and ears on Georgie.

Check out the technology news website, hash-tech, that Georgie runs to keep updated with everything cool happening in IT.

spongebob patrik

All the other speakers were amazing as well, and they open discussion about different topics. But these are the speakers that I personally found most inspiring.

For those who attended – Which speaker inspired you?

As for the others – Are you thinking of coming next year?

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