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  • Why Rachel Green from Friends has the Best Wardrobe

    If you’re a huge fan of the 90s than you surely know some of Rachel Green’s signature outfits through-out the Friends series or more likely from Tumblr. As a huge fan of the series myself I decided to gather Rachel’s best looks and also some must-haves of the 90s. Althought Rachel went fast from Daddy’s-Girl-to-Waitress-to-Business-Woman-in-Fashion her fashion choices remain, […]

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  • Best 2014 Halloween Ideas

    I’m sure that before Halloween everyone was spamed on Facebook and other social media sites with “Cheap 5-minute” Halloween costumes. Even though you were pretty sure there are the same costumes that you’ve seen everywhere you still couldn’t help but click on the link for a sneak peak. And then, the next day after Halloween […]