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  • 5 European Animations Worth Watching

    5 european animations worth watching

    In recent years, cartoons have become more and more popular among adults. Ever since the international break out of animes in the 90s, the numbers of cartoons for adults have increased drastically. Even Disney productions aim their animated films to an older audience by creating smart plots and inserting racy jokes. Don’t believe me? However, […]

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  • Why Rachel Green from Friends has the Best Wardrobe

    If you’re a huge fan of the 90s than you surely know some of Rachel Green’s signature outfits through-out the Friends series or more likely from Tumblr. As a huge fan of the series myself I decided to gather Rachel’s best looks and also some must-haves of the 90s. Althought Rachel went fast from Daddy’s-Girl-to-Waitress-to-Business-Woman-in-Fashion her fashion choices remain, […]

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  • 15 moments from How I Met Your Mother that make you happy, sad, “aww” and also brings the dirty little psychopath out of you.

    I don’t think it’s necessary to name all the reason why #HIMYM is one of the MOST awesome shows in television history or better said online-series history. Therefore, considering that the show ended almost a year ago, I decided to relieve with you the top 15 best catch phrases, high fives, Lily& Marshall “aww” moments, […]