5 Websites every Tumblr girl would like

Today, Tumblr is one of the most used social networking websites worldwide hosting over 200 milion blogs worldwide. You probably already know that if you’re using it. But what you don’t know is that the reason Tumblr is so famous is because it offers variaty. Anyone can join the site and create a personal page based on her/his likes. Although the site is mostly famous for photography/gifs/quote pictures you can also upload music, videos and chat with other users.

Based on what people like most about Tumblr and what they usually post and follow I made a list of other five websites they would probably eanjoy too.

1. www.wehearit.com

No. 1 on this list would be a similar site which is mostly adressed to females (because of the name and pink background). Just like Tumblr you can search different pictures and you can also upload pictures of your own. Although when you register you don’t really get your own blog but rather on platform where you can just collect pictures you “heart”. What I like about this website, and it’s something that Tumblr lacks, is the fact that on the main page weheartit sends pictures they think you would like based on your previous searches. I always enjoy that but at the same time I’m quite scared to see how much they know about me.



2. www.polyvore.com

The next site on my list is actually one of my favorite ways to waste time. Polyvore is a fun place where you can discover, shop for diffrent items and express your own style. The website offers you an easy way to create image collages called “Sets” in other words outfits. The great part is that many people use it and upload their own pngs and magazine scans so you don’t need to work so much in Photoshop whenever you want to create a new set.



3. www.lookbook.nu

So if the first two were more about beautiful looking pictures this 3rd website is all about fashion. Lookbook is a social network inspired by street style and fashion blogs. The website is aimed for people who are interested in fashion and offers them the posibility to post their own street-fashion photography, featuring themselves and their outfits. It’s a really fun way to meet people and to get to see diffrent trends and styles from all over the world.



4. www.pinterest.com

Pinterest is described as a visual discovery tool beacuse the website is used to collect ideas for project or whatever your interested in. Users create and share collections called “boards” of visual bookmarks called “Pins” that they use to do things like plan trips, develop projects, organize events or save articles and recipes. It’s very helpful if you’re working at a magazine, you’re a blogger and you need to organize your ideas or for events and creative projects.



5. www.upworthy.com

All thought you consider a head-to-toe fashionista you can’t help but also have other interests than just fashion alone. After all even huge fashion icons like Auedrey Hepburn have a smart, sensitive and generous side. That’s why I ended my list with this final website. Upworthy is a website for viral content about kind everyday people who from once in a while take some time to do some good for others. It uses virality to promote stories with a progressive bent on political and social issues. If it’s still unclear for you what’s the website about maybe they’re motto woukd be more helpful for you “Things That Matter. Pass ‘Em On.”


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