15 moments from How I Met Your Mother that make you happy, sad, “aww” and also brings the dirty little psychopath out of you.

I don’t think it’s necessary to name all the reason why #HIMYM is one of the MOST awesome shows in television history or better said online-series history. Therefore, considering that the show ended almost a year ago, I decided to relieve with you the top 15 best catch phrases, high fives, Lily& Marshall “aww” moments, slaps, plays and dramatic Ted monologues.


Of course some of you might come forward and say that all the moments throughout the show were simply brilliant. From the little details that you noticed only after you lost count of how much you re-watched the show (yes, I really need to get a life) to the most important moments of life, like that time when Lily and Marshall decided to finally have a baby  because the Universe sent them a message by reveling the final doppelganger which later on turns out to be just Barney in a costume doing another play to sleep with women and check all the countries around the world from the map hidden in the taxi cab window. You know just ordinary stuff.

15. THE YELLOW UMBARELLA. The complicated story which was basically a story in another dozen stories of how Ted finally met the mother at the Farhamptons train station and how the mother met all of his friends before him.


14. Barney’s fake history lessons.

13. When Ted got a butterfly tattoo when he was drunk and he had no idea until his friends pointed it out by making jokes.


12. That time when Barney tricked Ted into going to the airport to “pick up” someone and they ended up following two girls (who by the way were dating linebackers) to Philadelphia and almost got arrested at the airport because they left their luggages at the check-in and bought a last minute flight. Finally they winded up licking the Liberty Bell and then they headed back to New York to tell a girl at the bar about “that time they went to Philadelphia and licked the Liberty Bell”.

11. SLAPS BETS! Need I say more? (My favorite one is the 4th slap, when Marshall came up with a crazy story that he flew to Shanghai and leant the “Slap of a Million Exploding Suns”)

10. When Ted made a rain dance so that Robin’s camping trip with her co-host Sandy Rivers would be cancelled so he could win her back.

9. That time Marshall got mugged by a monkey. (Actually nobody knows exactly what happened even now. What’s up with that CBS?)

8. All of Barney’s high fives.

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7. The Pineapple incident. When Ted got really drunk and did A LOT of crazy things that he didn’t remember so he had to talk and call different people to put all the puzzles together. (We still don’t know the full story of that either. Damn it CBS!)

NEVERMIND. I know now:



6. That cute moment at a fancy gala in a museum hosted by GNB when Ted and the others ran into Zoe and the captain. When Zoe got Ted on tape dissing GNB and the captain offered to erase the tape when Zoe falls asleep, Ted tuned that offer down by saying that “it’s good she stands up for what she believes in” and just like that by being or better said staying in the right place at the right time Zoe heard them talk by the architectural wonder of that museum.

5. When Ted traced down Robin’s old necklace for her wedding and then let Barney take all the glory.

4. The ROBIN. The last play from Barney’s Play Book and also the incredibly complicated, mind torture, touching way he proposed to Robin on top of her favorite building in New York City.

3. Every Lily and Marshall moment.


2. The first episode when Ted told Robin “I love you” for the FIRST time and on the FIRST date. Normally if you hear someone tell a girl “I love you” on the first date you think what an idiot, but considering that Robin is the girl Ted ends up with after all those years and after all that happened it’s a truly “AWW” moment.

 photo lessons-that-we-learned-from-how-i-met-your-mother-13_zpsd3eabmdz.gif

1. The ending of season 4 aka the worst year of Ted’s life. The year when Ted got fired, got punched in the face, got left at the altar and got beaten up by a goat. The reason I chose this moment to be number one is that it’s the closest one to reality. Even when life “kicks you in the nuts” you need to keep moving on but also be stupid and childish from time to time and allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.


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